There are many ways to support PBI. You can become a regular donor or a member, come along to meetings, help with fundraising activities, and much more. We always need people to help us to reach our objectives. Read more below.



PBI Ireland is run on an entirely voluntary basis. We are a team of active volunteers who meet regularly; follow the human rights situation in PBI project countries; organize public awareness raising events and carry out advocacy actions; host visiting human rights defenders; run volunteer training's and orientation days; manage a website, newsletter and social media; fundraise and much more. If you are interested in being involved in any of these activities and in bringing your energy and expertise to our team, please do get in touch and let us know you'd like to become a PBI Ireland volunteer.


Teams of volunteers provide moral and physical support to human rights defenders and organisations working for social change and the development of civil society, whose lives and work are threatened by violence. The PBI field projects who recruit volunteers are open to applicants once or twice a year. PBI Ireland will keep you updated on closing dates for applications. We also run "Orientation Trainings" in Ireland to give potential volunteers the opportunity to learn more about our work in the field and to explore our nonviolent methods of human rights protection - specifically international protective accompaniment. These workshops are participatory and use concrete examples from the field that provide a taste of what it is like to volunteer in our field projects. 


PBI has been working to support human rights and promote non-violence for 30 years. Become a supporter today by signing up to our mailing list for regular updates, event details and volunteering opportunities. 

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PBI is a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland.

RCN: 20142391

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